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Everybody want to know how to make money, either by earning money online, or by other ways.

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By doing article writing for famous platforms like medium, for news websites and for  your  own blog you can easily earn money on the basis of content quality.

Freelance Writing 

This  is the best way to kick start your make money online journey. Its required a few dollars to setup your blog with good hosting service. Do some SEO of  on your blog so that reader can find your blog though search engine

Start a Blog 

Make some online courses that you are competent at, list them for sale on a website, and start earning money from them. Online course selling side business quickly brought in $2000 to 4,000 per month  

Creating an Online Course 

You can create an ebook from your published article which can be sold later on online platforms to  earn good amount of money.

Creating and Selling an eBook 

You can start your online moneymaking journey by starting a YouTube channel. You can select topic from your blogs to create videos and sharing information to viewers. 

Starting a YouTube Channel